HYA Newsletter Winter 2019

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Homelessness has been an issue in San Francisco for decades, but as the landscape has dramatically changed in recent years, it has polarized our city; it is the topic of every neighborhood meeting, political debate and the media is obsessed. It affects all of us. The conflict continues to be how to address such a massive and systemic problem in a meaningful way. The continued approach of criminalization of visible poverty is not benefiting anyone, it just perpetuates inequality.

We have more anti-homelessness laws than any city in our state, despite the fact it is proven ineffective, a waste of resources and offers no solutions. For the young people we have the honor to work alongside, we bear witness to the immense difficulty of what it is actually like to be experiencing homelessness. We regularly see how people are seen and treated as problems, instead of as people with problems.

But change is coming…

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