We currently have four different positions available!

C.A.M.P counselor

The Safe Sleeping Village (SSV) at 730 Stanyan, named CAMP (Community Action Made for People) is seeking full-time (1.0 FTE) CAMP Counselors for 24/7 shifts, including day, swing and night shifts. These are temporary positions that will last until approximately April 2020, subject to change.   

Homeless Youth Alliance is seeking individuals who will prioritize treating residents of CAMP with dignity, respect and use a harm reduction framework to maintain the safety guidelines of the space. CAMP Counselors will be responsible for the logistical operations of CAMP, providing support and appropriate referrals to other HYA staff and programs, ensuring the safety of the space and adherence to public health guidelines under the COVID19 shelter in place order. CAMP Counselors will work in collaboration with HYA staff or volunteers. 

People with experience in non-confrontational de-escalation and knowledge of whole-person care models of service delivery are strongly encouraged to apply.  It is essential that CAMP Counselors maintain HYA’s ethics of non-judgment, respect and honoring the autonomy and self-reliance of all residents while maintaining consistent and clear boundaries with residents. 


  • Ensure smooth operation of CAMP logistics including sanitation stations, resident sleeping and storage areas, meals, supply distribution and activities.
  • Support residents to create strong community, including encouraging and supporting the establishment of agreements amongst residents and problem solving within community
  • Refer CAMP residents to appropriate HYA staff for medical, mental health or case management services when appropriate.
  • Mediate conflict between residents when asked, or appropriate.
  • Ensure public health COVID19 precautions are adhered to properly. 
  • Attend team meetings as required.
  • Maintain good self-care.
  • Maintain confidentiality, appropriate boundaries and a sense of humor.


  • Personal experience with homelessness or extensive knowledge of issues facing youth and adults experiencing homelessness.
  • Conflict resolution and non-confrontational de-escalation skills
  • Knowledge of or experience with person-centered care models
  • Must be streetwise and be able to solve practical problems.
  • Must have excellent communication and listening skills.
  • Must maintain strong confidentiality and appropriate boundaries.
  • Must be sensitive to multicultural issues of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression and sexuality.
  • Must be able to work in a stressful, fast-paced environment as part of a team.


Must be able to stand for a minimum of 2 hours at a time. Must be able to lift and carry 30 lbs. Must be able to be outdoors for up to 8 hours, even in inclement weather. Must be comfortable with animals, including dogs and cats.

40 hours/week

3 shifts: day/swing/night

Pay is $21-24 based on experience 

Homeless Youth Alliance is an equal opportunity employer

Instructions for applying: 

We are accepting completed applications (resume, references and answers to questions) on a rolling basis until positions are filled. 

We are hiring NOW so please do not wait to apply. 

HYA will only be responding to resumes submitted via email, please do not call.

Incomplete applications (resume, references and answers to questions below) will not be considered. 

You must be available to come to CAMP for an interview or to conduct an interview via video conferencing. 

Please respond to the following 7 questions in the body of your email: (applicants who do not respond to the questions will not be considered) 

1) What interests you in working for Homeless Youth Alliance and specifically for the CAMP Project?

2) Do you have a personal connection to our mission?

3) What qualities do you see as important to work with people experiencing homelessness?

4) What are your feelings about drugs and alcohol and working with people who use drugs?

5) Can you talk about the importance of maintaining clear and consistent boundaries in this work and give an example of a boundary that is challenging for you and why?

6) What skills do you have that help you handle or mediate conflict?

7) What shifts are you interested in taking? Day (8am-4pm), Swing (4pm-12am), Graveyard (12am-8am) and do you have any scheduling limitations?  

Return application to: hiring@homelessyouthalliance.org  with “CAMP Counselor” in the subject line. 

To learn more about HYA visit: www.homelessyouthalliance.org

Coordinated Entry Coordinator

Homeless Youth Alliance (HYA) exists to meet youth experiencing homelessness where they are, and to help them build healthier lives. We believe that reducing harm is possible through the provision of accessible, non-judgmental services and support. We carry out our mission through one-on-one case management, street outreach, drop by services, syringe access and disposal, groups, medical and mental health care, our temporary Safe Sleeping Site, and our transitional housing program. 

In 2019, San Francisco’s Homeless Response System launched Coordinated Entry (CE) as a system to access, prioritize, and match people experiencing homelessness to problem solving, shelter, and housing opportunities. Alongside other non-profits, HYA is an Access Point for Youth Coordinated Entry. Youth Coordinated Entry focuses on Transitional Aged Youth (18 to 24) who are experiencing homelessness in the City and County of San Francisco. Unique among the other Youth Access Points however, we work with young people up to the age of 30 which enables us to assess and navigate folks over 24.

Position Summary:

The Coordinated Entry Coordinator’s role is to act as the agency lead in communication with the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing and other service providers we work with on this contract (specifically Huckleberry Youth Services and LYRIC). In addition, the Coordinated Entry Coordinator will engage with HYA participants when appropriate to do Housing Assessments, conduct Problem Solving, perform housing navigation duties, and other duties as relates to the ONE System (the database used by Coordinated Entry in San Francisco). The Coordinated Entry Coordinator will report to the Executive Director, the Program Manager of Housing, and the Program Manager of Outreach, and work with them collaboratively but also independently as well. The job requires you to interact heavily with the Homelessness and Supportive Housing Department, attending weekly meetings to work towards our shared goals while advocating for the needs of the youth experiencing homelessenss and HYA. This position is 40% meetings and 60% facilitation and direct services of CE activities. 

Job Duties:

CE Specific Tasks

– Represent HYA at all regular meetings related to Coordinated Entry 

– Keep agency staff updated and informed on pertinent Coordinated Entry materials, protocols and information

– Enroll participants in the ONE System

– Conduct housing assessments, problem solving, and navigation services

– Complete and keep updated paperwork and digital records

– Report activities to HYA Management and pertinent team members

– Prepare and submit regular reports on assessments, problem solving, and Coordinated Entry activities

– Advocate for the needs of youth experiencing homelessness in the context of Coordinated Entry

– Support other HYA staff in regards to Coordinated Entry.

– Contact and build relationships with participants during Coordinated Entry related services. 

Overall Tasks

– Treat all participants, co-workers and colleagues with kindness, respect and dignity.

– Assist in staffing various HYA services and events

– Provide services and support free of judgement.

– Attend staff meetings and groups, trainings and conferences as assigned.

– Maintain good self-care.

– Role models healthy and professional behavior.

– Maintain confidentiality, appropriate boundaries and a sense of humor.

– Uphold HYA’s ethos, polices and procedures.


– Personal experience with homelessness and response systems or extensive knowledge of issues facing youth experiencing homelessness.

– A minimum of one year of professional experience in working in services that engage our target population. Must have the ability to engage with youth experiencing homelessness, people who use drugs and alcohol, with histories of traumas and mental health challenges in informational, non-judgmental discussions.

-Must be proficient with computers and programs such as Google Docs/Sheets, Excel, and other data keeping software, as well as email and calenders. Familiarity with the ONE system and Coordinated Entry a plus. Must be able to keep consistent written records and basic math skills

– Must have experience and comfort with advocating within multi-agency systems of care and public officials

– Must be streetwise and be able to think critically and solve practical problems under stress.

– Must be comfortable and confident approaching and engaging with a diverse population of young people.

– Must have excellent, clear and professional communication and listening skills.

– Must maintain strong confidentiality and appropriate boundaries.

– Must be sensitive to multicultural issues of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

– Must have strong self awareness, be open to learning new approaches and concepts, and be open to giving and receiving feedback.

– Must be able to work in a stressful, fast-paced environment and both autonomously and as part of a team.

– Familiarity with San Francisco and local services for youth experiencing homelessness a plus.

– Proficiency with languages other than American English is a plus

– If in recovery, two continuous years are suggested.

– If from the target population or a former HYA participant, two continuous years not engaged with our services is essential and required, no exceptions.

When applying please make sure to answer the questions below. Applications received without answers to these questions will not be considered:

1.What specifically interested you in working at HYA? Do you have a personal tie to our mission or our work?

2.What is your experience working with or interacting with youth experiencing homelessness? What did you enjoy about it? What was challenging?

3.This job would entail listening to and holding participants often traumatizing personal experiences. What is your experience in holding non-judgemental space for other folks? What kind of self care do you engage in to take care of yourself?

4.This job would include advocating for the needs of our participants with other providers and representatives from the City of San Francisco. What is your experience and comfort in advocacy? 

5.What is your understanding of services for people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco?

6.What experience and knowledge, if any, do you have around subsidized housing and the processes of people entering and/or exiting subsidized housing?

7.What is your experience working in a collaborative environment? What are the benefits and challenges of working with other people?

8.What do you see as your biggest strengths? Your weaknesses?

9.What specific skills and knowledge could you bring to this position?

10.How long could you see yourself working at HYA? 

To learn more about Homeless Youth Alliance, check out our website homelessyouthalliance.org

Compensation is $26 per hour, plus benefits. 

Homeless Youth Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit and an equal opportunity employer

To Apply:

Please send completed applications (cover letter, resume and responses to the questions above) to hiring@homelessyouthalliance.org with “CEC Position” in the subject line.

Associate Director of Operations and Finance

Position Type: Full-time (40 hours per week), Exempt, at least 40% onsite with the rest either remote or onsite during the Shelter In Place ordinance
Reports to:Executive Director
Location: Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco
HYA Staff Size: Range from 15-40, depending on programming

Current Organizational Structure

In 2019 HYA became our own 501(c)(3) after 12 years of operating with a fiscal sponsor. We have grown our programming significantly in the past two years to include a transitional housing program for transition age youth, and most recently began operating San Francisco’s 2nd Safe Sleeping Village in a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While our services and front-line staff have grown, the administrative team has not. Our vision is that this role will assist in creating a balance and improve HYA’s organizational health.

Organization Background and Description

Our mission is to meet youth experiencing homelessness where they are at, see all of them as individuals with unique experiences and life stories and help them to build healthier lives for themselves. We believe reducing harm is possible through the provision of accessible, non-judgmental relationships, services, information and opportunities. We strive to empower youth experiencing homelessness to protect themselves, educate each other, reduce harm within the community, and when they are ready, transition off the street.

In 2006 these programs formed a stand alone organization, Homeless Youth Alliance (HYA), the city’s only grassroots, harm reduction coalition designed for youth by youth experiencing homelessness. Our services consist of peer-based outreach, case management, medical care, mental health services, syringe access, workshops, HIV/HCV testing, a buprenorphine clinic, a transitional housing program and a temporary Safe Sleeping Village known as CAMP (Community Action Made 4 People). On average, HYA serves up to 120 youth per day, and additional people of all ages, through our various programs. Annually, we conduct more than 1,000 case management sessions, have 1,200 therapeutic contacts with 510 youth, broker 1,400 medical appointments, and connect approximately 370 young people to housing, drug detoxification, and residential treatment programs.

Position Summary

The Associate Director of Operations and Finance(ADOF) is responsible for overseeing HYA’s financial and administrative functions, monitoring for sound financial and regulatory compliance, managing contracts, and developing and strengthening systems. This position is responsible for enhancing the internal workings of the organization and infrastructure necessary for HYA’s success and growth. The ADOF develops and maintains efficient and effective administrative systems, provides financial leadership, manages and coordinates day-to-day finance responsibilities, and ensures that appropriate policies, procedures and internal controls are maintained to safeguard the organization and facilitate effective nonprofit management. An ideal candidate should be able to think broadly and strategically about the organization’s work, as well as be detail oriented and organized about the structures necessary to turn the vision into reality.


Financial Management

  1. Develop, in partnership with the ED and Board Of Directors, our annual budget, currently $2.6M
  2. Develop budgets and systems for monitoring the progress and performance metrics for various publicfunding streams
  3. Conduct budget modifications and revisions for contracts
  4. Manage agency cash flow
  5. Provide oversight and leadership in the following areas that we utilize financial consultants for:

 ●Prepare financial reports for BOD, ED and staff directors/managers

●  Lead the audit process and prepare needed materials

●  Develop and revise agency fiscal policies and procedures

●  Maintain vendor files, contract files, payroll files, and other fiscal system related documentations

●  Provide oversight of A/P (preparation, posting, check preparation, filing) and A/R (preparation of monthly government contract invoices), supported by bookkeeper

●  Manage of month-end and year-end closing, including account reconciliation (credit, bank, pettycash), allocation of shared expenses, maintenance/posting of Temporary Restricted Net Assets, and posting of journal entries to the General Ledger, supported by bookkeeper

Public Contract Management and Compliance

  1. Preparation and submission of government contract budgets, monthly invoices, and budget modifications, in compliance with applicable rules/regulations
  2. Co-management (with ED) of relationships with funders, including attendance of bidder’s conferences, grantee convenings, and site visits, ensuring strong working relationships and contract compliance with funders
  3. Management of annual filings, including joint fiscal monitoring report, annual economic statement, business registration, welfare exemption, secretary of state information filing for nonprofit entities
  4. Development of budget and budget narrative for funding applications

Leadership and organizational development

  1. Help to develop and oversee high-level organizational systems in the area of finance, personnel and operations, and provides support to program and fundraising staff on systems development
  2. Maintain and oversee organizational calendar for key organizational functions, ensuring that the organization is meeting deadlines and staying on top of its responsibilities
  3. Supervises relevant staff of operations
  4. In partnership with the ED and Program Managers, works to create a culture of follow through and accountability for all members of the organization, including staff, board, and volunteers
  5. Serve as a source of support for and as a liaison to the Board.
  6. Participate in strategy and funding conversations with ED, Management Team, and Board
  7. Help cover ED responsibilities in ED absence
  8. Helps strengthen a culture of professional development, continuous feedback, and mutual support among staff and in collaboration with other directors


  1. Oversight of payroll processing and reconciliation, including management of related accounts such as retirement accounts, payroll advances, garnishments, and benefit contributions, as applicable
  2. Primary contact person for all communication with outside payroll company
  3. Preparation and dissemination of 1099s and other annual reports
  4. Ensure compliance with all applicable county, state, and federal tax reporting requirements
  5. Management of health benefits, including employee enrollment and termination, annual benefit renewal and open enrollment process, and applicable payroll deductions
  6. Management of Human Resources in conjunction with service provided through Gusto’s conciergeservice

Other organizational responsibilities

  1. Attends staff meetings as well as other organizational retreats and gatherings
  2. Participates in interviews of job candidates with other members of the team as needed
  3. Engages with HYA youth, staff, and board in organization-wide fundraising activities
  4. Other duties as assigned.


  1. A minimum of 3 years of nonprofit management experience, including at least 2 years supervising a direct report
  2. Experience in nonprofit budget development, financial management, bookkeeping, grants, and contract management. Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) a plus.
  3. Proficiency with accounting software (QuickBooks Online), MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Google Apps.
  4. Competent working in a multiracial, multicultural, multi-gendered, and intergenerational environment.
  5. Highly consistent and self-motivated; able to take initiative, manage, and complete multiple tasks within deadlines.
  6. Excellent written, verbal, communication and math skills.
  7. Highly organized, detail-oriented, and action-oriented with strong problem-solving skills.
  8. Ability to seek out, encourage, and exchange feedback with supervisor.
  9. Ability to address challenges directly by de-escalating conflict and fostering mutual understanding.
  10. Commitment to ongoing self-assessment, self-improvement and professional development
  11. Desirable, but not requite: degree in accounting, finance, business administration, or nonprofit Management; Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Government Management Accountant (CGMA), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), or other relevant licenses/certifications.



Other benefits include:
– Full coverage of medical, dental, vision insurance – Holiday, vacation, sick, and personal leave
– Flexible schedule to support work/life balance.

Equal Opportunity Employer

HYA is an equal opportunity employer. Applications are strongly encouraged from women, people of color, young people, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and genderqueer people, people living with HIV/AIDS, people with disabilities, and bilingual and bicultural people. Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records. We have a long practice of aiming to hire and retain staff who have lived experience that reflects the population we are honored to work alongside.

To Apply

Applications are being accepted now and the position will remain open until filled. We will post a notice on HYA’s website (www.homelessyouthalliance.org) when applications are no longer being accepted for consideration.

To apply, please send an email to hiring@homelessyouthalliance.org with “ADOF” in the subject line, and include as attachments (in pdf format only):

1. Cover letter with full contact information 2. Résumé

Due to the volume of applications we expect to receive, we ask that you please do not contact us regarding your application unless we have invited you to move forward with the process. At that time, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you in advance for your interest in the position!