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Help Homeless Youth Alliance Respond to COVID-19

We are busier than ever, and seeing record numbers of people coming to us in need of vital services — including masks, tents, and healthy food. Our staff and volunteers are doing our absolute best under extremely unideal working conditions to get people the supplies, care and support they need, but Homeless Youth Alliance needs your support to continue meeting this high level of demand.

During the Shelter In Place Order our team quickly set into place new protocols and operating procedures with the goal to meet the increasing and existing needs of the community we are honored to work with, youth experiencing homelessness.

We are deeply appreciative of people looking for ways to support our work and our community members. It is your support that makes our work possible and provides the practical and emotional support people need to get their needs met. If you are able to contribute to our emergency fund, please do so here.

Remember people who are homeless already struggle so much, and they will most likely be struggling more as isolation and lack of resources set in. Please try to be patient and compassionate. The next time you are walking down the street to get your essentials and are tempted to avert your eyes from someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, instead acknowledge them. Say hello, share a smile. On a rainy day as you’re leaving your home, grab that jacket or sweater you never wear and give it to someone. When you’re making your morning coffee or tea, make another for the person sitting outside.

These gestures may seem small or insignificant, but I assure you, they are not. These moments are sadly incredibly already rare for people experiencing homelessness. Instances of connection provide hope, and these little actions have positive ripple effects. These moments give power to people who often feel they have none. This shifting of energy is how we begin to bring people in instead of push them away, this is how change happens.

There are many items we always need such as socks, sleeping bags, tents, snacks, portable chargers, etc. To offer or inquire about donated goods email

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